Where is the water meter?

You will often find the water meter in the meter cupboard just above the ground, at the front door under the floor or in a well in the front yard where the water pipe runs to the house.

Where is the gas meter?

The gas meter is often found in the meter cupboard, just a little higher than the water meter, for example at the level of your knee. The meter is or still analogue or it is a digital version.

Where is the electric meter?

The meter for electricity can be found in the meter cupboard and is the highest of the meters. It can be a meter with 1 or 2 counters. If it is a digital meter, there are 4 counters.

What is district heating?

This is a way to heat a home without using gas. Hot water enters the house via engineered pipes that are heated up with heat generated by processes such as waste incineration, power stations and other sources of heat. Just as with water, there is often only one supplier per region and you do not have freedom of choice as a user.

What is block heating?

When there is block heating (more often at apartment complexes), several apartments are heated by a large central boiler that is located in a common room. This boiler is connected to the radiators in all the houses in the complex, which often have small individual meters, evaporation meters or digital meters. A company engaged by the VvE takes up the stand and arranges for the annual settlement per house of the energy supply for the heat.

What is the CAR?

The Central Connection Register (CAR) contains information about all electricity and gas connections in the Netherlands. All network operators have been connected to this since 2013. The CAR is managed by Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN). The exchange of data on the energy market is much easier by the CAR. Energy suppliers and network operators can easily take over and manage connections with all information from this register. Thanks in part to CAR, a switch from energy suppliers or relocations has been processed quickly and efficiently.

What is an EAN code?

Each connection (for both gas and electricity) is known in the connection register by means of an EAN code. An EAN (European Article Number) code consists of 18 digits. This code can be found on your annual statement. The network manager can trace which property belongs to a connection by the EAN code and can therefore also see who the owner is.